NANO to Crystal Murillo: Community Concerns

(This is a group letter from the North Aurora Neighborhood Organization [NANO] read allowed at the town hall meeting on 27Jan2022. No single person is claiming authorship. Full disclosure: I am a paying member of the organization, but my personal ranked concerns are different from the group as a whole.)

“At a recent meeting, NANO residents were asked to list issues that concern them and that need to be worked on to ensure a safer, cleaner and better community for all of us. These issues have been ranked in order of importance by the residents.

  1. Increase of crime & violence in the area. (Too many murders and shootings here and no solutions.)
  2. Lack of code enforcement. (We can see violations everywhere.)
  3. Affordable/attainable housing.
  4. New development information. (We need to hear your comments on new development coming into our area. This is never discussed at your meetings.)
  5. Campers/homeless in our area. (How is this being addressed?)
  6. Trash is everywhere. (Areas around Colfax need better sweeping.)
  7. Small business assistance (What are your plans to help small business as they are closing down on Colfax at a rapid pace?)
  8. Semi-trucks parking illegally in residential areas.

Some other comments that were given to us by the residents:

  1. Against housing being divided from single family to two or three families.
  2. Want more input from the Ward 1 council member.
  3. Police violence.
  4. Support for Aurora Arts District, which is important to give viability to the ward.
  5. Job fair.

This is a lot of information for you to discuss at this meeting but at the next town hall meeting we would like input from you as to what you are doing or plan to do to solve these problems.

We would also like for you to add time to your town hall meetings to let the residents tell you their concerns, as we are given little to no time at the end of your meetings and then we get cut off because of time constraints.

Thank you for your consideration of these pressing issues in our community.”

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