NANO Meeting Agenda: 10Nov2022

Time: 6pm
Location: Moorhead Recreation Center (2390 Havana Street)

Nadine Caldwell writes:

“This month our program will be all about the Sand Creek Regional Greenway. The presenter will be the Executive Director, Monique (“Mo”) Fair. How did this wilderness in the city become a trail system? How long has it been in existence? How did 3 cities put aside their differences to come together to bring this wonderful trail system into existence? What are the plans for the future of the trail? Who manages this trail system and where does funding come from? Come to the meeting and get the answers to these questions. Bring a neighbor or a friend.

We are now collecting dues for 2023. Dues are $10 for one year for an entire family. For that small amount of money you get 7 free dinners, one summer-time picnic and a fun-filled Christmas party.”

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