NANO meeting notes: May 12

(Post adapted from notes taken by Joseph Fox and LaRay Petersen.) Guest Speakers: Curtis Gardner, at-large city councilor. Ruben Medina, Ward 3 city councilor. Curtis Gardner Speaks Mr. Gardner focused on addressing safety and security concerns, both for citizens and businesses. Businesses can apply for grants to increase security: lights, cameras, and removing cover such … Read more

Update from the Front Desk

Some of you may be wondering why there hasn’t been a May issue printed yet. Due to long hours at his primary job, Christian Kemp is currently unable to write feature articles. Without feature articles, it does not make sense to print copies for distribution. We will resume printing when we have at least two … Read more

NANO Meeting Notes: April 14th

(Post adapted from notes taken by Karen Schwieder.) NANO Board members who attended were Bill Gondrez, Mark Burry, Nadine Caldwell, Melody Parish, George Mills, and Karen Schwieder. Guest Speakers: Bliss Coleman, Executive Director for ACAD (Aurora Cultural Arts District). Stanley Turner, president of Aurora Museum Foundation. All meetings start at 5:30pm with a dinner for … Read more

Neighborhood meeting schedule update

Northwest Aurora Neighborhood Organization (NANO) – Covers the area bounded by Yosemite Street, 25th Avenue, Peoria Street, and Colfax Avenue. They meet once a month on the second Thursday of most months at Moorhead Recreation Center. Members eat dinner at 5:30p, and the meeting runs from 6pm until the rec center closes. April 14 – … Read more

Aurora Art District Expands to First Saturdays

Aurora Cultural Arts District (ACAD) recently updated their website to promote a new “art jam” on the first Saturday of every month between April and October. They will have a plant sale booth, performing artists and vendor booths. ACAD is still accepting applications for vendors and performance artists. Existing First Friday events at People’s Building … Read more

March 2022 Town Hall Meeting

Attendance: approximately 20. Crystal Murillo’s town hall meeting began 6:05p at a conference room in MLK Jr. Library. Bill Gondrez and Nadine Caldwell (North Aurora Neighborhood Organization [NANO]) were present, as was Ward 4 Councilor Juan Marcano. A Spanish interpreter was available to translate, which at least one resident needed. The meeting opened with a … Read more

Es Un Trabajo Sucio…

Un sábado de cada mes, un grupo de voluntarios se reúne en las calles de North Aurora. Están equipados con herramientas de agarre, guantes y etiquetas de identificación grandes. Vinieron a limpiar el Corredor Colfax. Quieren dejar esta calle más limpia que cuando llegaron. Desde árboles de Navidad hasta agujas y televisores gigantes, Christopher Belila … Read more

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